Check back for dates and information on our upcoming productions.

January 6  – Junior Production

April 8 and 14 – Senior Production

PSYTC FUNDRAISING: We will be announcing our next round of fundraisers in early fall. At these fundraisers, we will raise funds for the upcoming Junior production and the next Senior production. We welcome fundraising ideas from our community! Our goal is to bring in professional help with sound and lighting, as well as make some improvements to our venue!
PSYTC TEEN ACTOR APPRENTICESHIP: Offered to members of the PSYTC 13 and up, free of charge, audition required. Apprentice actors will have a hand in planning, directing, and performing in their own musical cabarets and musical readings, working on audition material, mentoring younger members in the PSYTC, and training as instructors.
PSYTC NEXT PRODUCTIONS:  Next senior production will hold auditions in early fall and production in early 2018. Our junior company production, will be in late fall, and we will be asking for help from our senior company members with this.
FREE SUMMER THEATRE INTENSIVE: to be offered this summer free of charge to all current PSYTC members, ages 12 and up. On select summer evenings, senior members will have a safe and supervised place to spend time together, rehearse, and collaborate.
We are so excited for all the things this coming year will bring for our amazing Park Slope Youth Theatre Junior Company and Senior Company!